In August 2001, Ricky Dale and his daughter Kim, visited The World Trade Centre (otherwise known as the Twin Towers). This visit would be just prior to the attacks, and tragedies that occurred just several weeks later. Ricky Dale, like many others who watched the news that terrible day, were stricken with shock at the horrors of what had happened, and hearts and sympathies went out to the victims of these tragedies.

It has been 21 years since the tragedies of 9/11 occurred, and years on, we will remember the victims and think about their families during this time.

After hearing of the news when he arrived back in the UK, Ricky wrote a poem in remembrance of the victims.

During the September 11 attacks of 2001. 2,997 victims were murdered. The immediate deaths included 265 on the four planes and 125 at the Pentagon.

Who would have known that death’s shadow was stalking?

Weeping willows crying silent,

Pines that cluster deep secluded

Oaks and ash like towering churches,

Flog the innocent with birches

Hudson mists creep up and chill

Throughout the night of burning embers

Unknown arms reach unknown souls

Beyond the fear of wild September

Nesting deep within the copses

Praying to the wind in whispers

Suspended, floating in confusion

Drifting dead in dreamed illusion

Fantasy, emotions frozen

Bequeaths a hidden sanctuary

Resentments harbour deep within

Running into oblivion

Fasting brief in pain that spreads

Waking torment from our beds

Laughing as clowns – gritting defiance

Crying as infants – stepping like giants

We will remember you – we promise

Loves memory is evergreen

The beginning of the end is over

And it never deflected the American Dream

Ricky and his daughter Kim at the Top of the World Trade Centre

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