Social media. We all have it. At least the majority of us do. It helps to connect with others, keep in contact with long distance friends and help us get ourselves known !

It is a known fact, however, that social media can be detrimental to our mental health, so here are some ways in which we can fix this !

1. Educational purposes – Can we use social media to our advantage? Rather than using social media as a way to focus on what others are doing and compare ourselves to them, we can alter our feeds and our algorithm, to fit a more educational narrative. More often that not, whether we realise it, we are comparing ourselves to others’ perhaps highly edited photos, with men and women feeling a need to live up to these stereotypes, in a subconscious self sabotage, when, in reality, social media, most of the time, just does not represent reality. Instead, we can follow hashtags that bring us positive reinforcement and education, on a hobby or interest. For example, you can seek out hastags such as #gardening, if you have a passion in gardening, or #bookrecommendations if you’re an avid reader. Make your social media space a healthier place today, by making these simple changes. It can really go a long way in feeling more comfortable online, and changing the narrative that social media has to be solely selfies and holiday photos.

2. Protect your privacy – Unfortunately, in this day and age, there are many people out there who are simply out to take advantage of other people’s kindness. Often, scammers will message you saying that they need X amount of money for X reason, which also invalidates those who are actually struggling. As well as the, often there are scams revolving around bitcoin and investment, which have bad intent. Most of these scammers have the intent to steal your bank details and therefore your money, and so it is crucial to be wary of messages that just don’t seem right… Also, if you’re not comfortable with strangers having access to your account and photos, make sure to turn your settings to private. This way, you can manage who does and doesn’t have access to your account, photos and other information about yourself, especially where you live. This is especially important for parents with young children, as too often, uniform brands can be searched up on the internet, and this can be especially dangerous for children being picked up from school. At the end of the day, as long as you’re safe and sensible about what kind of information you post, and who is able to see it, you should be just fine !

3. Be your most authentic self – It’s very tempting to want to edit photos, of yourself, enhance your sunset photo, change the lighting, but, in reality, life isn’t perfect, and we can take a big step into changing that. It would make such a huge difference, and a big help, to post natural, authentic photos, whatever the photo may be, because this way, we can appreciate the beauty of just that, reality. Your photo of the sunset is perfect just the way it is, your candid photo that you were worried about posting is perfect just the way it is ! You have captured two perfect moments here, and you don’t need to change anything about them for them to remain perfect! Less is more!

4. Writing posts – I’ve noticed recently, that captions on social media have become quite short. To each their own, but sometimes this can mean that we are simply scrolling and liking posts that don’t have so much meaning behind them. Some of the most authentic and inspiring influencers I have come across, for example, Melanie Murphy, Jessica Brennan and Robert Irwin, create posts with lengthier captions, something that you would have to stop scrolling and pause to read, usually with some kind of inspiring message or educational information. For example, Melanie Murphy has covered important topics such as mental health, diet, the reality of motherhood, and encourages posting raw, authentic photos, to help improve the way we view ourselves and others on the platform, with her recent post being “8 things that made me happy this week” – which promotes positivity and gratitude. It would be great if more of us could start doing this, and this would also help extend our attention span. Platforms such as TikTok which post short clips have been proven to, although provide us a template spike in serotonin (the “happy” neurotransmitter), also diminish our attention span, leading to us needing shorter and shorter videos to keep our attention up, which may not be good for us in the long run, so, providing more educational, meaningful and purposeful captions, can help combat this, and help us to start gaining new interests and hobbies again !

5. Interact with your audience – Let’s be more social again! Start up conversations, discussions, things you’re passionate about. Ask other people about their passions and why they are so engaged in these passions. You will make more connections and gain confident in speaking to others, especially if you all share a similar interest. It can also help lead you to pages that you find helpful such as writing tips pages, gardening tips, home design, etc. You’re also helping to support small pages that deserve more attention and recognition, you’re giving and receiving kindness to/from others, which, again, helps to promote a more positive social media space. Let’s support each other and grow together!

So there you have it, 5 ways to improve your social media space ! I hope this has helped you to make little changes in your life that might help you to have a healthier outlook. Small changes can really go a long way in improving our life, overall. Little tweaks on different elements of our life all add up, especially when you’re feeling a little lost of negative about yourself. Remember to stay safe and happy scrolling !

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